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The world scores a C- on the Global Goals
From The Global Citizen On Sept. 30, 2015
The governments of the world have just announced through the United Nations their new Global Goals – a set of ambitions we can all support, including ending extreme poverty and achieving gender equality by 2030. It will require action by all of us-governments, civil society, and business, to transform our world and reach these goals. But how much work really needs to get done?
Global Citizen has just launched our new ‘People’s Report Card’ which gives the world its first grade on the Global Goals. As of 2015, we only score a C-. To achieve the Global Goals, and for the countries of the world to honor their new commitments, humanity needs to get the world to an A by 2030.
How did the world end up with just a C- grade?
This TED Talk of Michael Green, creator of the Social Progress Index can help explain.

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